North Dakota Family Based Services Association (NDFBSA) began at an organizational meeting on March 23, 1987. The initial membership included: Bert Bailey, Dakota Boys Ranch; Pat Podoll, Morton County Social Services; Rita Fox, Burleigh County Social Services; Roger Johnson, UND Children and Family Service Center; and Paul Ronningen, DHS Administrator for Intensive Home-Based Services. This group of like-minded individuals began to organize the association and plan the first conference in January 1988.

Today, the NDFBSA has grown to over three hundred members and a Board of Directors with four active standing committees. The Board of Directors presents annual awards for outstanding contributors. The NDFBSA has proudly hosted annual conferences ever since with nationally renowned presenters. The NDFBSA is a non-profit organization.


Family Based Services

Family based services are designed to help children and families be healthy, safe, and successful.  We strive to ensure that a child’s safety, permanency, and well-being is maintained while providing services that focus on the strengths of the family to alleviate crises. We believe that the best place for a child to grow up is in a family. Through education, focused services, and building relationships, our membership works together to engage, encourage, and strengthen North Dakota families.  Find articles regarding family based services here:

Philosophy and Key Elements of Family-Centered Practice
Family Preservation Services
Wraparound Values and Principles

the year we started empowering families

Past Presidents

1988-1989 Pat Podoll

1989-1990 Tom Jensen

1990-1991 Rita Fox

1991-1992 Bill Kerzman

1992-1993 Jeff Moe

1993-1994 Sandi Zaleski

1994-1995 Joan Shulind

1995-1996 Carol Meshefski

1997-1998 Kathleen Carpenter

1998-1999 Dione Cox

1999-2000 Diane Baenen

2000-2001 Linda Gertz

2001-2002 Lynda Vistad

2002-2003 Shirley Hoffarth

2003-2004 Barry Sundeen

2004-2005 Diana Weber

2005-2006 Joni Heine

2006-2007 Sally Tobin

2007-2008 Tony Kozojed

2008-2009 Christine Stiven

2009-2010 Janna Tellmann

2010-2011 Larry Dauksavage

2011-2012 Tim Gienger

2012-2013 Jim Cronin

2013-2014 Sonja McLean

2014-2015 Amy Bakken

2015-2016 Rachel Silbernagel

2016-2017 Amy Oehlke

2017-2018 Kathryn Roemmich

2018-2019 Luke Klefstad

2019-2020 Allison Bitz

2020-2021 Joely Davidson

2021- current Cheryl Thomas