Be a part of the family, for families

Our Mission

Believing that all families have inherent strengths and can be best served in their own environment, we are committed to investing in the preservation and affirmation of families through: Advocating the development and expansion of family based services; promoting a family-based philosophy throughout North Dakota; and providing forums for education, networking, policy development, and support.


To maintain, strengthen, and empower families.

To prevent family dissolution and the need for the placement of children out of their homes, whether in foster, group or institutional care.

To reduce the dependency of families on social services by promoting self-sufficiency.

To assure permanent, stable homes for children by promoting the adoption of those for whom intense efforts at prevention and reunification have failed.


Children need permanency in their family relationships in order to develop into healthy productive individuals.

The family is the best environment for the growth and development of children.

Social service programs should make every effort to support families in their effort to raise their children.

Services to families represent a shared family, professional and community commitment.

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