Annual Awards

NDFBSA proudly recognizes individuals and programs that have made a difference within their field of practice in the lives of North Dakota families at the conference’s annual meeting each year.

The criteria for nomination of an individual or program include:

  • Outstanding and significant support of Family Based Services philosophy and mission

  • Exceptional leadership

  • Significant contribution to community

  • Demonstration of creativity in pursuit of Family Based Services

  • Innovative use of resources, personnel and/or collaboration

Ready to nominate an individual or program?


Simply complete the nomination form below, gather two additional letters of support, and send all documents to:

Attn: NDFBSA President-Elect
PO Box 9114
Fargo, ND 58106

Nomination window is OPEN.


Discretionary award to identify individuals or programs that excel in providing services over time.


An individual who exemplifies family based services in their practice.


For outstanding or innovative family services or for a program that fills a gap in services.

Special Recognition Award:

Person or program responsive to immediate needs or current issues.

Lifetime Membership Award:

Individual who has provided a minimum of 7 years of meritorious service or employment in support of family based services.

Completed nominations will be reviewed by the NDFBSA Board. Individuals or programs may be recognized more than once for exceptional distinction in their field or service in promoting Family Based Services. Please note nominations MUST be accompanied by two additional letters of support.

Family Based Legacy Scholarship

Recipients attend the ND Family Based Services Conference held annually in Fargo with all expenses paid. Recipients also have the opportunity to shadow the Board of Directors during the year.

NDFBSA proudly honors students by providing an opportunity to build networks, empower connections, and gain insight from the North Dakota family based community.
Family Based Legacy Scholarships are available for the 2022 Conference. For more information, please contact your University Professor or President Elect Kara Eastlund.